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Compressive Strength     3,500 psi to 6,500 psi
ASTMC 109 Modified

Dry Density     105 lbs/ft3     1.7 g/cm3

Weight     4.0 lb/ft2 @1/2"     18.5 kg/m2 @ 12mm

Flame spread - 0
Fuel contributed - 0
Smoke Developed - 0


PBU, a Portland cement based, non-structural floor underlayment is mixed on site using PBU, Portland cement, sand and water. Pumped into place, it forms a high strength, lightweight, cement topping for use in commercial, multi-family, residential, institutional and light industrial projects. PBU combines excellent durability of concrete with lightweight, crack resistant, sound insulating and fire resistant qualities. Cost effectiveness, proven performance, toughness and speed of installation make PBU ideal over cast-in-place concrete, pre-cast concrete and plywood sub-floors. Up to 25,000 sq. ft. can be installed in one day.


Do not apply PBU when the temperature is below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit or 4 Degrees Celsius. The structural floor must support design loads with maximum L/360 deflection. If application thickness exceeds 4" or over wood consult NORTHWEST for technical advice.


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